Seminars 2018-2019

October 2018

  • Friday 19  Paolo Ghineti (Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale)
    Effort-Reward Imbalance as a Workplace Stressor: Implications for Incentives Provision

November 2018

  • Wednesday 14 Maria da Conceição Andrade e Silva (Católica Porto Business School)
    Benchmarking of Secondary Schools based on Students´ Results in Higher Education Time-varying relationship between oil price and exchange rate

January 2019

  • Friday 11 Lorenzo Dúctor (Universidad de Granada)
    Gender and collaboration

March 2019

  • Friday 8 Pepa Tomás (Universidad de Alicante)
    An Experimental Analysis of the Disposition Effect: Who and When?
  • Friday 15 Ramses Abul Naga (University of Aberdeen)
    Incomplete Preferences and Learning over a Finite Choice Set
  • Friday 22 Francesco Feri (Royal Holloway, University of London)
    Risk-taking for others: an experiment on moral meetings

April  2019

  • Friday 5 Luis Manuel Ayuso Sánchez (Universidad de Málaga)
    Nuevas tendencias en sociología de la familia: el estudio de las parejas sin convivencia
  • Thursday 11 Socorro Puy Segura (Universidad de Málaga)
    Constitutions, Federalism and National Integration
  • Friday 26 Daryna Grechyna (Middlesex University)
    Mandatory Spending, Political Polarization and Macroeconomica Volatility

May 2019

  • Friday 3 Andrew Mackenzie (Maastricht University)
    Strategy-proofness and perfect mechanisms
  • Friday 10 Madhav Raghavan (HEC, University of Lausanne)
    Transparency of Centralised Allocation Mechanisms
  • Friday 17 Ángel Hernando Veciana (Universidad Carlos III Madrid & Durham University)
    Multi-unit Bargaining and Posted Prices
  • Friday 24 Marta Ruiz Delgado (Universidad de Málaga y Anovo)
    Collective Gift Exchange

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