Seminars 2017-2018

November 2017

  • Friday 3 Stephen Ansolabehere (Harvard University)
    Eating Laws
  • Friday 10 Abderrahim Taamoutiz (Durham University Business School)
    Measuring Nonlinear Granger Causality in Quantiles
  • Friday 24 Yves Sprumont (University of Montreal) 
    Strategyproof Choice of Social Acts Bilaterality. Disctatorship and Consensuality

December 2017

  • Friday 1 Oleg Badunenko  (Portsmouth University)
    To restructure or not? Evidence from Eastern and Western German Electricity Distribution Operators
  • Monday 4 Marta Arespa (Universitat Barcelona)
    Product Quality and International Price Dynamics
  • Monday 11 Jordy San Eugenio (Universitat Girona)
    Visual landscape as a key of place branding
  • Friday 15 Dejan Krusec (European Central Bank)

January 2018

  • Friday 19 Dunia López Pintado (Universidad Pablo Olavide)
    On the optimal architecture of teams

February 2018

  • Friday 2 Rocío Álvarez Aranda (Universidad Central de Chile)
    Inference on filtered and smoothed probabilities in Markov Switching Factor Models
  • Friday 9 Gabriel Romero (Universidad de Santiago,Chile)
    Estimating the effects of maternal stress on birth outcomes in Chile: a pseudo-panel approach
  • Friday 23 Andrzej Baranski (Maastricht University)
    A Theory and Experiment of how Competitive Bargaining can lead to Efficient Coordination

 March 2018

  • Friday 2 Boris Ginzburg (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
    When Collective Ignorance is Bliss. Theory and Experiment on Voting for Learning
  • Friday 9 José Rueda Llano (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
    Some additional difficulties in the dynamic foundations of competitive equilibrium
  • Friday 16 Mª del Carmen Díaz Roldán (Universidad de Castilla la Mancha)
    Modelización macroeconómica: Algunas extensiones recientes
  • Thursday 22 Bernard Grofman (University of California, Irvine)
    A `Reasonable Choice´Approach to Turnout

April 2018

  • Friday 13 Giovanni Ponti (Universidad de Alicante)
    How Many Economists does it take to Change a Light Bulb? A Natural Field Experiment on Technology Adoption
  • Friday 20 Susumu Shikano (University of Konstanz)
    No money for Swabia? Political behavior in historical contexts
  • Friday 27 José Carlos Rodríguez Alcantud (Universidad de Salamanca)
    Fuzzy Politics: The Genesis of Parties

May 2018

  • Wednesday 9 Celsa Machado
    Optimal discretionary monetary and fiscal policies in a country-size heterogeneous monetary union
  • Friday 11 Inés Moreno de Barreda (University of Oxford)
    Persuasion with Correlation Neglect
  • Friday 18 Antoine Loeper (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
    Gridlock and Inefficient Policy Instruments
  • Friday 25 Juan Luis Jiménez (Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

June 2018

  • Friday 1 Rafaela Pérez (Universidad Complutense)
  • Thursday 21 Ricardo López Busch (Universidad País Vasco)
    Learning by Doing in the Uzawa-Lucas Model: Multiple Equilibria and History Dependence.

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