Seminars 2007-2008

September 2007

  • Monday, 24 Francisco Martínez Mora (University of Leicester): “Childless households, segregation and the outcomes of education policy”

October 2007

  • Monday, 1 Juan Gabriel Rodríguez (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid): “Equality of opportunity: a probabilistic approach”
  • Monday, 8 Noemí Navarro (Universidad de Málaga): “Asymmetric information, word-of-mouth and social networks: from the market for lemons to efficiency”
  • Thursday, 18 Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau (Rutgers University & Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona): “A positive theory of income taxation”
  • Monday, 22 Samuel Danthine (University of Quebec at Montreal & Universidad de Málaga): “Bargaining Frictions and Hours Worked”
  • Tuesday, 30 Luis J. Imedio (Universidad de Málaga): “Familias de índices de desigualdad que caracterizan la distribución de la renta”

November 2007

  • Thursday, 8 José Luis Moraga (University of Groningen): “On mergers in consumer search markets”
  • Monday, 12 M. Angeles de Frutos (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid): “Forward Contracts and Competition in Multi-Unit Auctions”
  • Monday, 19 Birendra Kumar Rai (Max Planck Institute of Economics): “Your Conscience You Must Keep, or it Must be Kept for You”
  • Thursday, 29 Lars P. Østerdal (University of Copenhagen): “Monotonicity of social welfare optima”

December 2007

  • Monday, 3 Juliette Milgram (Universidad de Granada): “Preferences for protectionism: Do economic factors really matter?”
  • Monday, 10 Miguel A. Meléndez (Universidad de Málaga): “Cooperation, Punishment and Networks”
  • Monday, 17 Gustavo Bergantiños (Universidad de Vigo): “Monotonicity properties and the irreducible core in minimum cost spanning tree problems”

January 2008

  • Tuesday, 22 Carmelo Rodríguez Álvarez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid): “Efficient and Effective Kidney Exchange Schemes under Feasibility Constraints”

February 2008

  • Monday, 4 (joint seminar with the Department of Statistics and Econometrics) Guillermo Cruces (Universidad Nacional de La Plata & London School of Economics): “Evaluando el Impacto de las Fluctuaciones de Ingreso: Teoría y Evidencia para Argentina”
  • Wednesday, 6 Federico Valenciano (Universidad del País Vasco): “Egalitarianism and utilitarianism in committees of representatives”
  • Monday, 11 Jean-Pierre Danthine (University of Lausanne): “Executive Compensation: The View from General Equilibrium”
  • Monday, 18 Miguel González Maestre (Universidad de Murcia): “Artistic Creation and Intellectual Property”

March 2008

  • Tuesday, 4 Ana Moro Egido (Universidad de Granada): “The Effect of Aspirations, Habits, and Social Security on the Distribution of Wealth”
  • Tuesday, 11 Dunia López Pintado (Universidad Pablo de Olavide): “The Spread of Free-Riding Behavior in a Social Network”
  • Monday, 31 Giovanni Favara (HEC Lausanne): “House Price Dynamics with Heterogeneous Expectations”

April 2008

  • Wednesday, 2 Samuel Bentolila (CEMFI): “Does Immigration Affect the Phillips Curve? Some Evidence for Spain”
  • Monday, 7 Gerard Llobet (CEMFI): “Financially Constrained Innovation, Patent Protection and Industry Dynamics”
  • Monday, 14 C.J. Krizan (U.S. Bureau of the Census): “The Evolution of National Retail Chains: How We Got Here”

May 2008

  • Tuesday, 20 Leonardo Martínez (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond): “Sovereign default with long-duration bonds”

June 2008

  • Monday, 2 Ignacio García Pérez (Universidad Pablo de Olavide): “Immigration and the Use of Unemployment Benefits in Spain: A Multi-Spell Duration Model”

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