Tel: (+34) 952134145
e-mail: rosgomezma
Office: 3407-A (Facultad de CC. Económicas y Empresariales)

Curriculum Vitae

Rosario Gómez García

PhD in Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Associate Professor

Research interests:

  • Experimental Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Public Economics

Selected publications:

  • Gomez, R., Goeree, J.K. and Holt, C.A. (2008): “Predatory pricing: rare like an unicorn?”, Handbook of Experimental Economic Results vol. 1, 177-184, Handbook in Economics, North-Holland, Elsevier Science
  • Bru, L., Cabrera, S., Capra, C.M. and Gomez, R. (2003): A common pool resource game with sequential decisions and experimental evidence, Experimental Economics 6, 91-114
  • Capra, C.M., Goeree, J.K., Gomez, R. and Holt, C.A. (2002): Learning and noisy equilibrium behavior in a experimental study of imperfect price competition, International Economic Review 43 (3), 613-636
  • Capra, C.M., Goeree, J.K., Gomez, R. and Holt, C.A. (2000): Predation, asymmetric information and strategic behavior in the classroom: an experimental approach to the teaching of industrial organization, International Journal of Industrial Organization 18 (1), 205-225
  • Capra, C.M., Goeree, J.K., Gomez, R. and Holt, C.A. (1999): Anomalous behavior in a traveler’s dilemma?, American Economic Review 89 (3), 678-690
  • Cabrera, S., Gomez, R. and Ruíz, G. (1997): Potential gains from cooperation for vessels and countries, Marine Resource Economics 12 (2), 146-158


  • Introduction to Economics. Undergraduate

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