Tel: (+34) 952131296
e-mail: ingridmauererma
Office: 3408-C (Facultad de CC. Económicas y Empresariales)

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Ingrid Mauerer

Phd in Political Science and Statistics, LMU Munich
EMERGIA Researcherr

Research interests:

  • Political behavior and preference formation
  • Quantitative social science methodology
  • Categorical data and discrete choice modeling

Selected publications:

  • Heterogeneity in General Multinomial Choice Models (conjunto con G. Tutz), Statistical Methods & Applications, 2023, 23: 129–148
  • The Neglected Role and Variability of Party Intercepts in the Spatial Valence Approach, Political Analysis, 2020, 28(3): 303–317
  • Integrating Large-Scale Online Surveys and Aggregate Data at the Constituency Level: The Estimation of Voter Transitions in the 2015 British General Elections (conjunto con P.W. Thurner, M. Bort, A. Klima & H. Küchenhoff, 2020, Survey Research Methods, 14(5): 461–476
  • Modeling Electoral Choices in Multiparty Systems with High-Dimensional Data: A Regularized Selection of Parameters Using the Lasso Approach (conjunto con W. Pößnecker, P.W. Thurner & G. Tutz), Journal of Choice Modelling, 2015, 16: 23-42



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